Lise Timmer

Surrounded by l’art de vivre, (the art of living) the idea was born in 2007 to organise an event that would be unique and memorable. A moment where people could truly enjoy an exceptional experience, together in good company, sharing excellent food, wine and culture and held in the wonderful legend and luxury Sofitel hotel in Amsterdam.
Great chefs , (Tamers of ranges) crowned with Michelin stars, are artists in gastronomy. They excel in their field like other famous artists. You travel with them on a journey of discovery of flavours. Their passion and soul are the secrets that you will discover in their culinary presentation !
But gastronomy offers more. Gastronomy means conviviality in a world where every moment matters. It brings people and cultures closer together.
It also offers a crucible for creativity, understanding and co-operation. Last but not least, gastronomy and other art expressions reinforce and inspire each other.
The initiative was taken by Lise Timmer, author and culinary journalist and the management of Sofitel Amsterdam The Grand. Their common goal was to combine know-how, creativity and facilities to organise an event where culture, food, wine and art are united.

To call Lise Timmer a whirlwind would be to leave nature gasping for a response.


Instead, let’s consider her as a perfectionist who brings the same levels of passion and attention to detail to her many roles. Can we name them all? To begin with, she’s a cook, a recipe creator, an authoress, a food writer, a critic and judge, a consultant, an event organiser and, not least, a mother. Most of us would be satisfied with one or two activities on that list, but Lise’s drive forces her to excel and to achieve in ever expanding fields. Yet, for all that, she is down to earth, grounded in a circle of friends and community that offers a fine counterpoint to her global travels in search of fine dining, master chef interactions and, most of all, making connections of value between the people she meets.

Take, as an example, her Stars, Food & Arts events in collaboration with Sofitel which bring together great chefs to create a single gala dinner for charity across Europe and beyond. To see her equally at ease donning an apron and helping with mise en place as acting as the stunning hostess for the evening meal is to understand that her passion is the end result – whatever it takes.

Always looking for the next stage, whether in flavours or opportunities, she has the enviable knack of getting the very best from everyone she interacts with. Passion and honesty, simplicity and dedication – that’s Lise. More than a whirlwind, she’s phenomenal.

Dave Reeder
Editorial Director at CPI (Dubai)
BBC Good Food Middle East , The Pro Chef Middle East

A WERK SFA Casablanca 2013

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